About Us

Our unrivalled depth of expertise, multiculturally diverse team and our uncommon dedication to our clients’ needs, allows us to continually provide the best legal service to our clients. Our boutique law firm specializes in various areas of law, including Litigation, Arbitration in DIAC and DIFC, Maritime Law, Commercial Law, Human rights, Labor law, Medical negligence, Real Estate Law, Family, and much more.

Our firm’s credibility as leading lawfirm in U.A. E is particularly valuable in a legal setting, where much depends on accuracy, clarity and the ability to locate and define the important issues to focus on. Our success in bringing these factors to bear has long paid dividends when it comes to persuading the court of a client’s position.

With our continued incorporation with embassies of the countless countries we represent, our firm is able to provide legal assistance to all nationalities and allows us to notify them of any new or amended laws in the U.A.E.

Furthermore, it is noteworthy to mention that in 2018, Aara Group became Dubai’s first block chain law firm entering into a new era of digitalisation; making the first step towards digital smart process in our current society and showcasing Aara Group commitment in leading the way for the legal world.

Our Relationship with Clients


Clients have always been our top priority and we continue to invest even more in developing stronger relationships with them by focusing on adding value to our business and building expertise amongst our in-house teams to ensure all our clients’ personal and business needs are met. In order to provide the best service, we Must attract and retain the best talent.

Across our firm, in every area, we are re-committing to consistent and high-level recruitment internationally, and investing in continued training for our staff. As one of the top legal firms in the U.A. E, this continued investment in our people is paramount to our values, to our growth, and to our success.