Debt Recovery

Araa Group offers feasible alternatives for debt recovery and collection for corporations and people.

Let us at Araa group help you recover the funds you and your business deserve. Weather in the court, judge’s chambers, or over the phone. Our main goal through the process is to support you through this often-frustrating process. We provide expert advice and have trial expertise at every levels of Court in U.A.E, and many other countries, and are ready to give legal assistance with any dispute resolution such as negotiation, mediation and arbitration. We work as mediators and facilitators to help the debt retrieval process to on-going communication with our clients.


  • Mortgages – Credit Cards - Guarantors/co-signors - Loan Default -
  • Unpaid Suppliers/ Service –
  • Returned checks and unpaid invoices.
  • By Civil case; or
  • Criminal case