Private Notary

We provide you with all Private Notary Service of the First and Second Category accredited by Dubai Court. Includes attestation of signatures in the following:

1st Category

  • Contracts of incorporation/ MOA towards: Limited Liability Companies /Joint-venture Companies/ Civil Works.
  • Appointment contracts towards: Civil Service Agent / Local Service Agent.
  • Power of Attorneys towards: Special POA for Rental disputes/ Reviews / Declaration of Inheritance/ Trademark identification / POA and Declaration of the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratization / POA for Residency and Foreign affairs Authority.
  • Legal Notices towards: However, by the notifier/ by export / canceling POA by the notifier/ canceling the POA of the export.
  • Declarations towards: / Accreditation of signature / Housing/ Not working/ Sponsorship for the visit/ Declaration and commitment of the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratization.
  • Dissolution of incorporation contracts towards: Limited Liability Companies / Joint-stock Companies / Civil Works.
  • Dissolution of civil service agent contract.
  • Canceling POA in the presence of the agent and the client.
  • Job offers.
  • Meetings Minutes.

2nd Category

Includes attestation of signatures in the following:
  • POA towards: General issues/ special case/ vehicles/ special grant land.
  • Amendments of contracts of incorporation/MOA towards: Limited liability companies/ Joint-stock companies/ Civil works.
  • Sale Contracts towards: Ships/ Boats.
  • Declarations of waiver towards: Cases/ Police Complains/ intellectual work.

3rd Category

  • Includes attestation of signatures in the following:
  • Contracts towards: Sale of a shop/ Sale of shares/ Waiver of shares/ Assignment of shares and an annex to the amendment/ grant of shares and an amendment/ Share attachment and an addendum to the amendment/ Sale of shares and the dissolution of partnership.
  • Minutes of meeting to dissolve and liquidate the company.
  • POA towards: General/ General Inheritance/ General Real Estate/ Real Estate/ Facility Management/ Establishment.
  • Declarations towards: Trust deed/ Receipt of payment/ Indebtedness/ Sale of maritime means/ Assignment of shares.